πŸ’Έ Austin’s Uplifting Basic Income Results & Skyrocketing Real Estate Trends! πŸš€

Austin Archuleta


January 30, 2024


Here’s what you need to know about Austin Real Estate today:

    • $1K monthly basic income in Austin transforms lives of low-income families. πŸ’°
    • Austin’s housing market evolution: 5-year trend report reveals drastic changes. πŸ“ˆ
    • Foreclosure spike in Texas: 19% increase with 28,533 properties listed. 🏠
    • Blackstone’s big move: 500-unit multifamily project planned for North Austin. πŸ—οΈ

Social and Economic Welfare Programs and Effects

Austin Gave Poor Families a Basic Income. It Changed Their Lives.

Source: Vice News

Summary: In an effort to alleviate the escalating housing crisis, the city of Austin initiated a program in 2022 that gave 135 low-income families $1,000 monthly for a year. The program largely helped recipients cover rent and other housing costs. The extra income also allowed some recipients to use their time to learn new skills and secure better jobs. While the program was largely successful, concerns arose about the financial stability of participants once the program ends.

Why this matters: Understanding this program helps real estate professionals identify shifts in the market influenced by increased income, which can impact housing affordability and rental rates.

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Mayor floats therapeutic housing idea as new Austin State Hospital set to open

Source: KXAN News

Summary: Austin Mayor Kirk Watson is considering the idea of creating therapeutic housing as a new resource for people with mental health illnesses, coinciding with the upcoming reopening of the renovated Austin State Hospital. The state has allocated over $300 million for the reconstruction of the hospital. Watson suggests that therapeutic housing could be an essential support for patients transitioning in and out of the hospital, potentially helping to stabilize individuals currently experiencing homelessness due to mental health issues.

Why this matters: The discussion about therapeutic housing in Austin could significantly impact the real estate marketβ€”particularly residential and commercial sectors. As this plan turns into action, it could open up new opportunities for real estate development and investment, emphasizing the importance of real estate professionals staying informed about such developments to provide valuable insights to their clients and enhance their competitive edge in the market.

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Real Estate Market Dynamics and Developments in Austin

How much has Austin’s housing market changed in the last five years?

Source: ATXtoday

Summary: The article provides a detailed, data-driven account of how Austin’s housing market has changed over the last five years, from 2019 to 2023. It outlines the significant increase in median home prices, reduction in time spent on the market, and decrease in available inventory. The article highlights that 2020 saw a substantial jump in median home prices post-COVID-19, and inventory began to decrease drastically. 2021 was a challenging year due to soaring prices, minimal inventory and short listing durations. 2022 was the most expensive year to buy a house in Austin, with homes breaking the median price of $600,000 for five consecutive months. In 2023, the housing market began to stabilize with increased inventory and slight reduction in prices. The Austin Board of Realtors predicts further stabilization for 2024.

Why this matters: This article underscores the importance of understanding market trends and the interplay of supply and demand in the real estate industry, providing professionals with crucial insights to better advise their clients and make informed strategic decisions.

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Report: Almost half of Austin renters spend more than 30% of their income on rent

Source: KXAN News

Summary: The recent report by Harvard University’s Joint Center for Housing Studies (JCHS) reveals that almost half of the renters in the Austin metro area are considered “”cost burdened,”” spending more than 30% of their annual incomes on housing and utilities. This trend mirrors national figures, with a record 22.4 million renter households in the United States falling into the same category. Despite a current cooling in the rental market with decreasing rental costs year over year, the Austin area still grapples with affordability issues due to significant rent increases during the pandemic and the loss of low-rent units. Comparatively, Austin fares better than other major metro areas in Texas, but the percentage of cost-burdened renters remains concerning.

Why this matters: This report emphasizes the increasing challenge of housing affordability in Austin, a critical insight for real estate professionals to consider when advising clients and shaping their strategies in both residential and rental markets.

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Texas Home Foreclosures Are Soaring

Source: Newsweek

Summary: In 2023, Texas witnessed a significant uptick in home foreclosures, with North Texas recording a 19% increase from 2022. A total of 28,533 properties were listed for forced sale in Texas last year, second only to California. Although the increase in foreclosures was also noted nationwide, figures were still lower than pre-pandemic levels. North Texas, which saw home prices more than double in the last decade, was particularly struck with 6,348 foreclosure filings. Notably, not all homes listed faced foreclosure – in many instances, borrowers negotiated new debt agreements with lenders or sold the property prior to foreclosure. Experts suggest this increase does not warrant alarm but rather indicates a return to more traditional patterns following years of volatility.

Why this matters: This report underlines the importance of keeping abreast with foreclosure trends, as this can impact property availability and prices, enabling real estate professionals to provide more informed advice to their clients or make strategic career decisions within the fluctuating market.

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Innovative Housing Solutions and Construction Projects

Austin homebuilder using unusual method to rapidly build 900 homes in Georgetown

Source: Austin American-Statesman

Summary: Austin-based homebuilder Onx Inc. has secured a $33.5 million construction loan to pioneer a construction method, X+, to rapidly build more than 900 homes in Georgetown, north of Austin. The project called Rocking Wilco will be executed in six phases, and the first 141 homes are expected to be ready for residents by the middle of this year. The unique construction method causes turnarounds of less than 60 days, significantly quicker than the industry average of six to nine months.

Why this matters: Understanding Onx’s innovative construction method can help residential real estate professionals adapt to future industry changes, utilize the information to provide informed advice to clients, and stay competitive in the rapidly evolving market.

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