Smart Austin Realty Group: Elevate Your Real Estate Ambitions

Why Smart Austin Realty Group?

At Smart Austin Realty Group, we don’t merely offer jobs; we curate unparalleled real estate careers. Situated in the vibrant heart of Central Texas, we provide a platform where ambition meets innovation, and success is not just celebrated—it’s a standard.

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Transparent Fee Structure

Commitment: A straightforward 10% commission split.
Investment: A modest $150 monthly fee + $75 yearly fee for E&O Insurance
Our fees are transparent and include ALL broker and team fees, symbolizing our core belief: no hidden costs, only clear value.

Distinctive Agent Benefits

Unparalleled Support

  • Cutting-Edge CRM: Our CRM, powered by ‘Follow Up Boss’, streamlines your client interactions, optimizing communication at every stage.
  • Custom-Tailored Digital Engagement: Start each day with meticulously crafted social media posts, tailored specifically for you and delivered to your inbox every morning. Keep your online presence vibrant and authentic.
  • Broker Access: Our broker hotline is your direct link to expert guidance.
  • Visual Excellence: Access our in-house graphic design expert to amplify your listings in a competitive market.

Lead Generation & Platforms

  • Exclusive Lead Access: Harness our robust automation tools to generate exclusive leads, driving success with efficiency and precision.
  • Austin Texas Things: Engage with over 145,000 Austin enthusiasts on our Instagram platform, reflecting the city’s vibrant spirit.
  • Agents Almanac: A cornerstone in the Central Texas Realtor community. This dynamic platform boasts:
    • Over 11,700 engaged subscribers.
    • An impressive 33% open rate.
    • A targeted 1% click rate.

Our media platforms are more than outreach channels—they’re strategic assets, elevating listings, guiding leads, and amplifying our team’s presence in the real estate domain.

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Join the Vanguard of Real Estate

With Smart Austin Realty Group, your alignment isn’t with just any team; it’s with a legacy of excellence. We invite visionaries ready to redefine their career paths and establish themselves among real estate’s elite.

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