Best Wineries in Austin and the Surrounding Hill Country

Best Wineries in Austin and the Hill Country

Austin Archuleta

September 14, 2021

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Wine tasting at an urban winery or rolling countryside with a lush vineyard is the perfect way to spend the day relaxing with friends. There are many reasons to visit each of the magnificent wineries Austin has to offer. The most challenging part is figuring out which winery you want to begin! 

The most obvious reason to take a tour is the exceptional and versatile wines selection. But, these best wineries in Austin offer so much more. Austin and the Texas hill country wineries offer an award-winning wine experience you won’t find elsewhere. You’re sure to have unique adventures and make unforgettable memories. 

Wanderlust Wine Co. 

Wanderlust Wine Co

Wanderlust Wine Co

Wanderlust Wine Co. in Austin is a local favorite and offers a one-of-a-kind wine tasting experience. The winery has a self-serve wine tap with different 80 wines from all around the world from which you can choose. 

You can visit their two huge wine tasting rooms or hang out on their pet-friendly patio. Enjoy the laid-back atmosphere with live acts, including local comedians. There is also an Italian food truck in the back to grab a delicious bite to eat. Wanderlust Wine Co. is a vino stop you don’t want to miss! 


610 N Interstate Hwy 35, Austin, TX 78701 near Central Austin.


The Austin Winery

The Austin Winery

The Austin Winery

The Austin Winery is a specialty, urban winery, and tasting room within Austin city limits. It is a full-production, grape-to-glass winery and the perfect spot to meet up with friends for any occasion. The tasting room is open to enjoy samples, buy bottles to take, wine by the glass, or even host an event. The wine bottles use screw caps, and corks and each bottle has a bright and colorful label with original artwork. Texas artist Nic Mathis and each bottle’s artwork hints at the character of the bottle’s distinct wine. 

The Austin winery partners with the best biodynamic and organically farmed vineyards to produce their wines. High-quality and delicious wine is of the utmost importance. The environment is fun and, as they like to say it, always an enjoyable and “snob-free” setting! 


440 E St Elmo Rd A1, Austin, TX 78745 near South Austin


Duchman Family Winery

Duchman Family Winery

Duchman Family Winery

The Duchman Family Winery is family-owned and sits in the charming Texas Hill Country. Visit the beautiful vineyards and gardens, and catch a romantic sunset over the rolling hills. The Duchman Family handcrafts their wines from Italian varietals with the very best Texas-grown grapes. With their Mediterranean-tiled exterior and sprawling vines, you may forget you’re in Texas! 

This winery is 25 miles from downtown Austin. Duchman Family winery and vineyards are one of the must-see best Wineries in Austin Texas, and HGTV listed them as one of the 20 most charming wineries in the country. Visit to enjoy samples, a wine tasting room, a beautiful villa, picnic area, the barrel room, fermentation tank, and much more. 


13308 Ranch to Market Rd 150, Driftwood, TX 78619 in South Austin Surrounding Areas.

Spicewood Vineyards

Spicewood Vineyards

Spicewood Vineyards

Spicewood Vineyards & Winery takes making wine seriously, and their history of award winning wines proves that. People love their delicious wines for their unique flavor. The winery is in the beautiful Texas Hill Country, not far from Austin. 

Visit the winery for tasting at the sizable indoor room or outdoor pavilion, tour the underground barrel room, or go to picnic with friends, relax with wine while you take in the awe-inspiring view. 


1419 Co Rd 409, Spicewood, TX 78669 Just West of Austin.

Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards

Becker Vineyards

The Becker Vineyards offer decadently handcrafted wines that you can enjoy with fine cuisine or a casual meal. The Fine Living Channel featured the award-winning Rhône-style red blend wines, and they have received countless awards throughout their 20 years of delicious winemaking. 

Enjoy- Chef Table Luncheons, Wine & Dine Dinner at Becker Vineyards, Lavender Fest, Event Tasting Tours, picnic areas, live music, covered pavilions, fireplaces, and patios with heaters, and so much more. 


464 Becker Farms Rd. Stonewall TX 78671

Grape Creek Vineyards

Grape Creek Vineyard

Grape Creek Vineyard

The Grape Creek Winery & Vineyards offers an award-winning wine tasting experience. Their genuine passion is to produce only the best quality sophisticated wine using the best selection of grapes available. Their love and dedication to making wine are apparent. Grape Creek is the winner of over 100 medals for its delicious wines. 

Visit their picturesque vineyards, quaint romantic villa tasting rooms, and event center. You can take a cellar tour and enjoy barrel tasting, relax with friends on the roomy patio and lounge, or picnic on the oak trees-covered terraces overlooking the vineyards and beautiful landscape.  


10587 East U.S. Highway 290 Fredericksburg TX 78624

Hawk Shadow Winery

Hawk Shadwon

Hawk Shadow Winery

Hawk’s Shadow Winery is 30 miles from downtown Austin and deep in the Texas Hill Country. This winery is family-owned and family-built in the breathtaking terrain. They handcraft their delicious Texas wine using only the best grapes they can find from local Texas growers. 

You can enjoy your day relaxing at the winery and taste a mix of their dry whites and reds. Their wine portfolio consists of European-style red wines and complex white wines. Visit the winery to escape and relax with family and friends. Kick back, relax and enjoy the gorgeous view while sampling the delicious wines. 


7500 McGregor Ln, Dripping Springs, TX 78620

Austin Custom Winery

The Austin Custom Winery is located right in the city of Sunset Valley. Mary Charron, their expert winemaker, is one of Austin’s most experienced wine producers. Visit the winery to sample their custom wines in the Tuscan-styled tasting room. 

The winery uses only the finest handpicked grapes for their wine. Followed by carefully crafting and bottling each wine. Your wine tasting experience is sure to be fun and memorable at this winery, and expand your wine tasting pallet! 


5207 Brodie Lane, Suite 130 Sunset Valley, Texas 78745

Bent Oak Winery 

Bent Oak Winery is a family-owned, urban winery in a unique warehouse setting. The winery sits right outside of Austin. Visitors get the chance to experience what goes into processing the grapes when they visit the working winery and tasting room. The tasty wine has a distinct balance, character, and flavor that sets the Bent Oak Winery apart from the others. 

Their spirits bring out the qualities from each region from which they choose only the best, top-quality grapes grown from California to Texas. Those who love visiting this winery enjoy the excellent staff, layered and personality-filled wine, and incredible prices. 


2000 Windy Terrace STE 2B, Cedar Park, TX 78613

Fall Creek Vineyards At Tow

Fall Creek Vineyards @Big Thirst Marketing

Fall Creek Vineyards by Big Thirst Marketing

Fall Creek Vineyards is Hill Country’s oldest vineyard and winery. They craft superb award-winning robust wines using the grapes they grow and carefully handpick themselves. 

Enjoy a tour of the 65-acre vineyard and picnic in the beautiful countryside. You can also sample their delicious wines and meet the winemakers. They also offer opportunities to participate in a wine education class. The fall creek vineyards is a wine tour you will not want to miss! 

Pedernales Cellars 

Pedernales Cellars Winery

Pedernales Cellars Winery by Big Thirst Marketing

Pedernales Cellars winery offers an inviting and unique, comfortable country setting. You can enjoy the wine tasting room or relax on the patio with a countryside view. They offer delicious handcrafted wines homemade from 100% Texas grapes. 

Have a quaint picnic or kick back on the outdoor swing chair when it’s available. The Pedernales Cellars use a gravity-flow winery you will want to check out that they built right into the hillside. You can also watch the horses, sheep, and cattle as they hang out on the hillside. 


2916 Upper Albert Road, Stonewall

4.0 Cellars

4.0 Cellars

Texas Wine Collective 4.0 Cellars

4.0 Cellars is the combination of three Texas wineries that decided to collaborate and open a location together. 4.0 Cellars features wines from Brennan Vineyards, McPherson Cellars, and Lost Oak Winery. 

You can choose a tour of all white wines, all reds, or a cellar selection tasting and sample all three. They are a winery and tasting room where you can enjoy the samples and pair them with cheese and chocolates. All specially made in Texas, of course!. Meet up with friends, enjoy live music on the patio, and sample the delicious wide selection of wines. 


10354 E. Hwy. 290, Fredericksburg

The Texas wines industry continues to make leaps and bounds in recent years. From the Texas Hill Country, William Chris vineyards, and the texas high plains to the wine trail. There is a vast assortment and selection of flavorsome wines from which you can choose. The variety includes elegant cabernet Sauvignon, merlots, pinot noir, pinot grigio Petit Verdot, and more. 

The urban wineries and every single winery and vineyard offer their distinctive style, from the delicious winemaking techniques to a unique environment. Each one of them does have one thing in common, though. They all have a passion for crafting rich and robust, mouth-watering wines and a commitment to their Austin-style hospitality.

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