Austin Texas Local Highlight: The Breaking Point

The Breaking Point Austin

Written by Tyler Shelton

Tyler Shelton is an Austin native with 8 years of experience serving the Austin community. He holds designations as a Real Estate Negotiation Expert and Accredited Buyer's Representative. His experience and dedication allow him to service his clients at the highest level.

September 30, 2021

Our Austin, TX native, Tyler Shelton, is introducing you to the perfect place to bring your friends for an ultimate SMASHING experience!
💥 The Breaking Point is a Northwest Austin local business and offers a unique opportunity to tap into your primal and wildly adventurous self. They provide you with safety gear, an assortment of tools, and everything you’ll need to enjoy FOUR different rooms:
⚒ The Rage Room
🪓 The Weapon Throwing Room
🚪 The Escape Room
🎨 The Splatter Paint Room
Whether your need for destruction is for fun, therapy, or some other reason, we know you’ll leave with a smile on your face! Come as a lone wolf, with a group of friends, coworkers, or with a partner for a romantic date night. Don’t worry, it’s perfectly safe! P.S. You can bring your own breakables (BYOB)! Watch our full interview with The Breaking Point for a SPECIAL DISCOUNT ONLY FOR OUR FOLLOWERS! 🧡
The Breaking Point Austin
Visit to plan your trip!

Read Transcript

This is Tyler Shelton, with the Smart Austin Realty Group.

I’m here in northwest Austin at a former

client of mine’s business called The Breaking Point.

And I just want to tell you guys, I just finished smashing a bunch of things.

I’m a little winded and it was a blast.

So I wanted to ask you a couple questions.

You have such a cool concept here.

Walk me through what your patrons and guests can do here.

We have four rooms

to choose from for all ages.

We have a splatter room and that is a paint room where you go in,

you get a canvas, you get all different colors paints and you get to splatter

paint all over the canvas, all over the room, all over each other.

Some people wear ponchos, some down.

Just depends on how messy they want to get.

We have our rage room, which is the room we’re sitting in now,

and that is where you get to suit up in full gear and you get to break things.

So as you can see, we have broken televisions and, you know,

printers and glass and appliances and the whole nine yards here.

We just don’t break anything wood But pretty much anything metal

or glass, we break here or our goal

or focus is glass bottles.

That’s our main supply of what we give to our customers.

And so they can just break all four types of bottles and stuff like that.

I can vouch for it’s super fun.

Now, can I bring my own stuff here to break?

Like, if I want to go ham on a coffee machine

or an old TV, can I bring it up and break it? Yes. Yes.

We actually have a package called Bring Your Own Breakables

and you can actually bring all the breakables that you want to break

and not use any of ours.

Or you can have one of our

higher level packages where we actually give you items to break.

So it’s your choice and you can always bring your own with whatever packages.

Very cool. And I also understand you guys have an escape room and weapons

thorwing area. correct.

So our axe throwing isn’t just axes.

We have Tomahawks. We have ninja stars throwing cards.

We have a variety type weapons to choose from.

And then our escape room, the two room escape room,

you escape one room, get into the next room and you escape that room.

It’s an abandoned theater prop room theme.

So very cool. I, I love the concept.

I want to talk to you guys called me,

you know, about a year and a half ago when you bring a business to Austin.

You could have chosen anywhere in the country to bring your business

and set up this really unique concept where you go break things.

What drew you to the area?

What made you decide that Austin, this place was great?

Well, we did our research

when we came here and we were all my husband and I and our boys are grown.

We’ve always wanted to start a business together.

There was a rage room in Tucson, Arizona, where we’re from.

We frequent in that location.

And we became friends with the owners

and they decided they wanted to license their business.

So we decided to start looking at other areas to bring a rage room to,

Austin gidn’t have a rage room.

We visited twice, became with you looking at real estate.

We, you know, looked at all the different areas.

Austin did not have that.

So we decided to Austin was a good place, similar in you know, the environment

is similar to Tucson, where it’s like the temperatures are kind of similar.

You know, we get nice, you know,

monsoon season rains, in Tuscon here and, you know, you get nice rain.

So we just felt that it was that it was a good fit for us if we were going

to move our entire family out of the home that we’ve known our whole lives.

And we really like Austin. That’s really beautiful here.

And it was just really welcoming for us.

That’s such a big leap.

And I think it’s a testament just to the entrepreneurial spirit

in general to move your family across country to a new city.

Chose Austin business centered place to do it.

It seems like it’s been going well.

Do you have any advice to people that are perhaps

thinking about moving their business to Austin or just entrepreneurs in general

that are trying to bring their vision to life and execute on that?

Well, we love Austin because it’s a really diverse community.

And so, you know, coming

here for us, there was just there were so many options

and then we connected you from the real estate standpoint.

I thought that was very important.

So I really understands the real estate aspect of Austin

and then also get connected with an attorney to help us with,

you know, our LLC and,

you know, the local rules, regulation bars, all that good stuff.

You know, I’m a business owner in Arizona.

Very different, you know, similar, but different here.

So just getting connected in those ways was really important for us.

And once we got connected, we were able to get everything done

that we needed to get done and then go ahead and start, you know,

finding a place and being built out and making it happen.

We only did three and a half weeks for build out and we were up and running.

Wow. Three. and a half weeks to completely transform this place

and use it for recreation space is very impressive.

OK, now you’re an official Austinite.

Where’s your favorite place to get a margarita and/or tacos?

Where do you guys like?

Well, you know, we’re picky when it comes to our Mexican food.

I know that Arizona Mexican food different than Texan Mexican food.

So what we have found, a place

that we really enjoy is called Mickey V’s in downtown Georgetown.

And they have amazing tacos there.

And we just really enjoy it.

We’ve tried a lot of different places.

We haven’t really found, you know, that exact match,

but we found a few things that we really like.

How do we book time with you?

What’s what’s the best way

for our followers to connect with you and get some time out here

to break things or throw some weapons around or escape or take the kids to pain?

what are your packages look like?

What does pricing look like? What’s the best way for us to find you?

So you can find us online at

And we’re predominantly a booking software business.

So if you go online,

you can see all of our different rooms and you can choose what you want.

Choose that room, that package.

It’ll take you to a calendar.

The calendar will tell you the open slots available.

And then you can choose that slot and then add it to your cart.

If you want to do multiple rooms just add the rooms to your cart,

and you’ll be able to check out the end

with all the different rooms and time slots that your looking for..

It’s super, super easy. You can also call us.

We’ll do your booking over the phone.

And then we also do corporate events, team building events, birthdays,

all different kinds of parties.

You can even rent out our entire facility if you want to do that. Wow.

So we don’t have food here,

but we do have tables where you can cater food or bring in food of your own.

We can set that up for you and you can enjoy it.

Sounds like you’d be a great place for, you know, to take out

some of their corporate rage and smashing things around a little bit.

And Jamie has been so gracious to actually extend a discount

to our follower base the month of October If you call in, you can book

Wednesday or Thursday and either the splatter room,

the escape room or the axe throwing You just need to call in

and mentioned Smart Austin Realty October when you book an appointment.

And this is for Wednesdays and Thursdays, 10 percent off.

So cool of you to do that,

for the Austin Texas Things community and Smart Austin Realty Group followers.

Well Jamie, thank you so much for spending some time with us.

You know, I’m really just so excited.

Any time that, you know, one of my clients gets to go on

and do something that they talk to me about for a year and a half.

And it’s working and it’s successful.

It’s such a rewarding feeling.

You guys have a really, really awesome concept here.

I highly recommend booking some time if you guys and coming up and visiting

and. Yeah, thank you so much. Thank you for coming.

I appreciate it.

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