Austin Farmers Market Guide

Austin Farmers Market Guide

Written by Austin Archuleta

As a native Austinite and University of Texas Civil Engineering graduate, Austin excels at making complex technical concepts accessible to a wide range of audiences. His expansive knowledge of the local real estate market and analytical skill enables in-depth analysis and understanding of our local housing market. He has ten years of experience leading cross-functional teams and providing innovative solutions to his clients.

September 21, 2021

If you’ve never been to Austin, the city’s semi-official motto – Keep Austin weird – may sound a bit…well, weird to you. But once you spend a long weekend in the capital of Texas, you’ll learn exactly what it means. 


Some call it diversity; some call it quirkiness; others call it charm. Still, Austin’s “weird” character – the character of its citizens – is what imbues the city with a peculiar cuteness you have to see for yourself.


Whether it’s a sunny Saturday afternoon at a Texas Longhorns game or a late-night romp up and down 6th street near the capital, there are more than enough ways to entertain yourself when you visit for the first time.


True to form, Austin farmers’ markets are prime examples of the down-to-earth, laid-back atmosphere that draws in newcomers from around the state.



Lone Star Farmers Market


The whole point of going to a farmers market is to support local small businesses and shop for natural organic fruits and vegetables.


But Lone Star Farmers Market takes it a step further and offers more than the ordinary selection of fresh produce. Keep Austin weird, remember?  


For starters, this market isn’t in Austin per se, but when you live in Texas, you always ride the coattails of the nearest big city, which Bee Cave has done masterfully.


Not only that, this particular market’s main attraction is the sheer number of booths and vendors, and Lone Star Farmers Market only features local farmers. No ringers shipping in their wares from other counties allowed in Bee Cave, you could say!



12700 Hill Country Boulevard

Bee Cave, TX 78738


Operating Hours

Sunday – 10 am to 2 pm.

SFC Farmers Market Downtown


Located inside Republic Square, SFC Farmers Market Downtown is the top choice for those who prefer not to travel outside Austin’s city limits.


You get the usual selection of fresh dairy, fruits, and vegetables you can find at the best farmer’s markets, but here, you’ll also hear live music and participate in other activities if you’d like. It’s a family-friendly, festival-like atmosphere like no market in the city.


Honestly, the SFC Farmers Market Downtown suits Austin’s character perfectly since you get such a unique experience in addition to leaving the market with the most beautiful organic produce you’ve ever seen.



422 Guadalupe, Street

Austin, TX 78701


Operating Hours

Saturday – 9 am to 1 pm.


SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley


Not to be out-classed by its sister location downtown, SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley initially opened in 2010 when the farmers market trend was barely kicking off – and it shows!


The market is open year-round, which you can’t say about many these days, and there are about 35 vendors that regularly showcase local farmers.


Best of all, SFC Farmers Market at Sunset Valley is family-friendly with things for the kids to do while their parents peruse vendors’ weekly selection.



3200 Jones Road

Austin, TX 78745


Operating Hours

Saturday – 9 am to 1 pm.


Boggy Creek Farm


It’s one thing to buy fresh produce at a local market; it’s another to buy an identical product from the actual farm. That’s what makes Boggy Creek Farm so cute!


But you can also buy other items besides food like T-shirts or hand-made soaps and balms – because Austin can’t do anything normal, right? Best to keep it weird to spice things up, as they say!


Along those lines, the market itself has all of the trappings you’d expect at an authentic farm, from hen houses to places to relax and unwind.


So visit Boggy Creek Farm if you’re looking for a field-trip atmosphere and family fun.



3414 Lyons Road

Austin, TX 78702


Operating Hours

Wednesdays and Saturdays – 8 am to 1 pm.


Texas Farmers Market at Mueller


So far, this list has gone over the unique farmers’ markets, but what about the most popular one? Well, look no further than Texas Farmers Market at Mueller – voted the best farmers market in town seven years running!


It’s so popular that it even has its own cool moniker – TFM at Mueller.


But what makes TFM so attractive given the number of competitors in the area? For many, it’s not so much about the variety as it’s about where the produce comes from.


For instance, TFM features vendors from as far away as Fredericksburg, Lockhart, and all the way to Brenham.


So if you want a place that showcases the “taste of Texas,” you can’t ignore this market.



2006 Philomena Street

Austin, TX 78723


Operating Hours

Sunday – 10 am to 2 pm.


JBG Farm Stand


Johnson’s Backyard Garden – or JBG to the locals – actually started as a small garden in 2004, eventually blooming into the thriving farmers market it is today.


Located in Garfield, Texas, LBG Farm Stand is a proud member of GO TEXAN, the organization that champions Texas-made products and culture too.


While other markets on this list work hard to create a certain image, JBG is by far the most authentic, and you’ll see why when you visit.


There are over 200 different crops on the farm, and a whole crew of farmhands grows, takes care of, and delivers fresh produce across the state.


So if you want to see what a real Texas farm looks like, JBG Farm Stand is the only choice.  



4008 River Road

Garfield, TX 78612


Operating Hours

Saturday – 9 am to 1 pm.


Barton Creek Farmers Market


The Barton Creek Farmers Market is pure Austin. Here, you’ll find fresh meats, eggs, cheeses, specialty food, and – of course – an impressive range of organic fruits and vegetables.


Like similar businesses, Barton Creek Farmers Market also sells wares from local artisans, but its product selection is what makes it worth visiting.


Depending on the time of year, you’ll also come across special seasonal items like pecans, peaches, and blackberries.



2901 S. Capital of Texas Highway

Austin, TX 78746


Operating Hours

Saturday – 9 am to 1 pm.


Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline


The final farmers market on this list is Texas Farmers Market at Lakeline, located near Lakeline Mall, following the TFM tradition of offering products from around the state.


It’s a famous sustainable food center in central Texas that showcases dozens upon dozens of farmers, ranchers, and craft makers.


Here, you’ll find everything from salsas to pelota ice cream for the kids. Just make sure you’re not worn out from hopping between markets before you visit for the first time!



11200 Lakeline Mall Drive

Cedar Park, TX 78723


Operating Hours

Saturday – 9 am to 1 pm.


Are you curious about what else makes Austin a great place to live? Contact us for a market valuation and see why so many people are flocking to the capital of Texas!


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