Affordable Living in Austin Suburbs: Uncover the Best Options

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Smart Austin Concierge

May 18, 2023

As the demand for living in Austin, Texas continues to rise, many potential homebuyers are looking for more affordable housing options in the nearby suburbs. According to a recent study conducted by Point2, out of the 20 largest and most expensive U.S. cities, Austin ranks in the top 20 largest and most expensive cities with the highest shares of affordable suburbs. The price per square foot for an Austin living space is $320. However, 89% of the suburbs within 30 miles of the city offer more space at much lower prices.

Manor tops the list of Austin’s most economically friendly suburbs, with a 42% lower price per square foot compared to the city center. Lockhart, Kyle, Hutto, and Elgin follow closely behind, offering prices no less than 40% lower than Austin. Moreover, suburbs such as San Marcos, Pflugerville, Buda, Round Rock, Georgetown, Leander, Cedar Park, and Bastrop provide homebuyers with prices between 30% and 38% lower than the city.

On the other end of the spectrum, West Lake Hills and Rollingwood are two suburbs with prices per square foot exceeding Austin’s by over 200%, making them relatively unaffordable for the average homebuyer. The study indicates that, while the East Coast is home to the most affordable suburbs in the nation, Austin’s surrounding areas still offer excellent alternatives to the more expensive urban core.

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