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Austin is best known to travelers for its live music, creative spirit, and general weirdness. But locals know if you’re looking for things to do in Austin, Texas this spring, it’s time to head outside. Whether you are an avid climber or only like to stroll, you’ll enjoy time on the trails exploring our beautiful city.    

Not sure where to start? New to the area? Explore one of these ten trails for the best scenery and wildlife.  

1. Wild Basin Wilderness Preserve

This 227-acre preserve hosts 2.5 miles of family-friendly hiking amongst fascinating wildlife. If you’re moving to Austin, Texas, try a guided tour to learn about native Texas hill country.

2. Twin Falls and Sculpture Falls Trail at Barton Creek Greenbelt

Enjoy the sights and sounds of two picturesque waterfalls on this 3-mile trail. You can find songbirds in lush forest areas and stop for a dip at Sculpture Falls.

3. Homestead Trail at McKinney Falls State Park

Visiting Austin, Texas wouldn’t be complete without a stop at McKinney Falls. You’ll find the lower falls and historical McKinney family buildings on this 3- mile loop of scenic hillside landscape.

4. Onion Creek hike and bike trail at McKinney Falls State Park

This smooth, 3-mile hike and bike trail follows Onion Creek to the upper falls. Watch for white-tailed deer and other wildlife as you weave through the forest. After your hike, stop at the Smith Visitor Center to find more things to do in Austin, Texas parks.

5. Lake Trail at Mayfield Park and Nature Preserve

After visiting tranquil cottage gardens and roaming peacocks, explore unofficial trails in the 22-acre preserve surrounding Mayfield Park. Explorers can cross creeks and climb manmade steps hiking these shady trails this weekend in Austin, Texas.

6. River Place Nature Trails

The River Place neighborhood maintains a local park with 6 miles of hiking trails with varying degrees of difficulty. If you are moving to Austin, Texas, find out which neighborhoods include community parks by contacting the City of Austin.

7. Shoal Creek Trail at Shoal Creek Greenbelt

This shady trail on the outskirts of downtown showcases urban gardens and wildlife. If you work nearby or recently moved to Austin, try hiking, running and cycling this convenient 3.7-mile trail with long paved stretches.

8. Turkey Creek Trail

Appreciate scenic lakefront views and wooded areas with local foliage and wildlife on this meandering 3-mile trail tucked into the Emma Long Memorial Park. Adventurers can explore the side trails off the official winding paths.

9. Bright Leaf Nature Preserve

This engaging 2.5-hour guided hike through native habitats is beautiful and educational. Remember this trail when looking for things to do in Austin, Texas with your school-aged children.

10. Southern Walnut Creek Trail

When wondering what to do in Austin, Texas for a longer hike, try the 15-mile loop trail in Walnut Creek Metropolitan Park. While mostly paved, it also includes sections of varying terrains and off-path hiking.

Whether you are moving to Austin, Texas, or a long-time resident looking for new outdoor activities this spring and summer, you’ll want to give a few of these trails a try.

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