Williamson County to Issue Short-Term Debt for 2019 Road Bond Projects

Williamson County, 2019 Road Bond Program, Short-Term Debt, Rising Inflation, Construction Costs

Smart Austin Concierge

March 14, 2023

The Williamson County Commissioners Court voted on March 7th to issue $150 million in short-term debt to help tackle uncompleted projects from the 2019 road bond program. This was due to rising inflation and construction costs. After having discussions on the possibility of delaying projects outlined in the voter-approved bond program from 2019, the court approved a total dollar amount of $237.4 million to finish up the remaining projects on the list. To help cover part of the cost, the county will issue no more than $150 million in tax anticipation notes this fiscal year. Of that amount, $22 million will go to overage costs for the expansion of the Williamson County Juvenile Detention Center and $70 million will go to right-of-way purchases for the road projects. County Judge Bill Gravell plans to bring an agenda item to the court in the coming weeks for commissioners to establish a committee to review the possibility of a future road bond proposal.