I’m a South Austin Native that has always stayed close to my roots. I earned a degree in Civil Engineering from the University of Texas, while concurrently founding a technology company, Scanther.

Some years later, I joined forces with a local marketing software firm that purchased Scanther. There I learn valuable lessons which would help shape my client satisfaction-focused approach to business.

After purchasing my own home in Austin, I became intrigued with real estate and decided to get my real estate license. Since, I’ve focussed on blending my experience in technology and management to bring together a team of amazing real estate professionals and systems that deliver value-driven services to our clients.

Whenever possible, I combine my love of tech and my passion for real estate. When mixed with my analytical skills, attention to detail, creativity, and business acumen, tech helps me deliver innovative solutions. In the end, our team is able to deliver outstanding services and our clients have the highest level of satisfaction!


Phone: (512) 710-1710

Office: (512) 710-0337

Email: austin@smartaustinrealty.com

Address: 10222 Pecan Park Blvd #10, Austin, TX 78729

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