Savor the Taste of Texas: Crust Pizza Co. Arrives in Kyle, Texas

Crust Pizza Co., Kyle, Texas, Central Texas, pizza franchise, new location, gluten-free options

Smart Austin Concierge

June 2, 2023

Crust Pizza Co., an acclaimed Texas pizza franchise, is preparing to satisfy the appetites of Kyle residents with its exciting new expansion. Boasting 22 successful locations across Texas, the company is on track to open eight additional outlets by year’s end, including the much-awaited Kyle establishment. Famed for its scrumptious, homemade pizzas and family-centered ambience, Crust Pizza Co. is thrilled to serve the Central Texas community.

As Kyle’s growth continues to flourish, the demand for premium dining experiences increases in tandem. Crust Pizza Co. is devoted to delivering exceptional customer service and delectable pizzas that are bound to become a local mainstay. With a varied menu designed to accommodate all palates, including gluten-free options, Crust Pizza Co. has a dish for everyone.

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