San Marcos Animal Ordinance Passes: What You Need to Know

San Marcos Animal Ordinance, Animal Sale Regulations, Animal Spay and Neuter Requirements, San Marcos Animal Shelter, Animal Welfare Regulations

Smart Austin Concierge

March 8, 2023

On March 7th, the San Marcos City Council approved an animal ordinance that regulates the sale of cats and dogs in retail settings, provides requirements for spay and neutering services, and limits the length of time animals can stay in the city’s regional animal shelter. This ordinance is now in effect, and businesses have until March 21st to comply with the requirements.

The ordinance states that shops that participate in the retail sale of animals may only sell animals that have been obtained from a city or county shelter, an animal control agency, or an animal welfare organization licensed by the city of San Marcos. The ordinance also includes a trap-neuter-return policy for animals found and turned into the shelter. Animals with traceable identification must be held for a minimum of five days before being suitable for adoption, surgery, or other outcomes. Animals without identification must be held for a minimum of three days.

The council also voted to allow neutering and spaying services after the second time an animal is captured, which was changed from the third. This is an important step to help reduce overcrowding in the animal shelter.

It’s important for pet owners in San Marcos to be aware of the new animal ordinance and its requirements. By following the ordinance, we can help ensure the safety and wellbeing of animals in our community.