San Antonio and Austin Economic Development Groups Join Forces

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Smart Austin Concierge

March 15, 2023

San Antonio and Austin are two of the most vibrant cities in Texas, and now two regional economic and workforce development organizations are joining forces to drive more business to the regions. On March 9th, the San Antonio organization [greater:SATX](https://greatersatx.com/) and [Opportunity Austin](https://www.austinchamber.com/about/opportunity-austin) announced a partnership to help advance legislative priorities that will boost the future of economic development and job creation in Texas.

The partnership’s main focus is to advocate for the enactment of a statewide economic development program that provides tools for Texas communities in both areas to be more competitive in attracting new businesses, as well as retaining and growing existing businesses. This will help ensure that the region remains a top choice for premier employers and talent.

Randy Smith, chair of greater:SATX, said both regions have a mutual interest in infrastructure, education and workforce development to foster even greater economic growth in South and Central Texas. Gary Farmer, chair of Opportunity Austin, said strong economic development policies are essential for Texas communities to remain a top contender for large job-creating investments.

The greater:SATX and Opportunity Austin organizations have added and retained a combined total of 185,000-plus jobs over the past 20 years with support of local economic development incentives. This partnership is sure to help the two cities continue to expand and foster economic growth in the region.