Round Rock Moves Toward City-Owned Streetlights

Round Rock streetlights, Oncor Electronic Delivery Company, Round Rock City Council, Tanko Streetlighting, LED lighting conversion.

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March 6, 2023

Round Rock officials are considering a motion that would transfer ownership and maintenance of streetlights from Oncor Electronic Delivery Company LLC to the city. This motion is the result of an audit ordered in June 2021, with the intent of negotiating a new maintenance agreement with the Texas Department of Transportation.

The audit was conducted by Tanko Streetlighting, who determined the location of all streetlights within city limits and the cost benefit of the city assuming ownership. The Round Rock Transportation Department Director, Gary Hudder, noted that the city could maintain the streetlights for less than what it pays Oncor – $731,497.32 annually for 5,604 streetlights.

The Round Rock City Council is considering a consulting services agreement with Tanko Streetlighting to provide guidance on assuming ownership, negotiating and consulting on the purchase from Oncor, as well as a conversion to LED lighting. The agreement will cost the city $172,865, paid from its general fund.

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