🏗️ San Marcos’ Big Move & Austin’s Affordability Hack! 🛠️

Austin Archuleta

October 31, 2023

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Here’s what you need to know about Austin Real Estate today:

  • Texas leads U.S. with booming new home construction since 2010. 🏠
  • San Marcos welcomes Riley’s Pointe, 360-unit project by Woodfield Development. 🏗️
  • Austin’s HOME Initiative tackles affordability, empowers homeowners for infill housing. 🛠️
  • Austin mandates apartment composting, aligning with eco-conscious cities. 🌿

Residential Property Development and Design

BWE Arranges Construction Debt, Equity for 360-Unit Multifamily Project in San Marcos, Texas

Source: REBusinessOnline

Article Summary: BWE has successfully arranged an undisclosed amount of construction debt and preferred equity for a multi-family housing project named Riley’s Pointe in San Marcos, Central Texas. The project is sponsored by Woodfield Development, located in South Carolina, and the first units are projected to be available by the third quarter of the following year.

Key Takeaways: The information about the funding and development of Riley’s Pointe offers valuable insight into the real estate market trends and investment opportunities in Central Texas, assisting realtors in enhancing their client offerings and career growth.

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Texas has the most new homes built in the United States since 2010

Source: The Texas Construction and Real Estate Gazette

Article Summary: The article reveals that Texas leads the nation in new home construction since 2010, accounting for around 22.5% of all occupied housing units. This high rate of construction is directly linked to the state’s significant population increase between 2000 and 2022. Houston stands out within the state, with over 23,000 new home permits issued as of June, demonstrating a strong economy and growing population. The article also provides resources for those seeking new construction homes for sale in Houston.

Key Takeaways: The information provided underscores the vitality of the Texan real estate market, especially in new home construction. This insight can be used by our readers to guide their clients towards areas of strong economic growth and increased housing demands, potentially advancing their real estate careers.

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HOME Initiative: Austin aims to empower homeowners in fight for affordability

Source: BizJournals Austin

Article Summary: The HOME Initiative in Austin is targeting the pressing affordability issue by empowering existing homeowners to build infill housing on their lots, thereby creating smaller, affordable homes. This initiative is a response to the city’s urgent need for more homes. The proposal is currently under debate and this article provides the key dates for when Austinites can participate in the discussion. The report also includes the ABJ’s latest ranking of local homebuilders.

Key Takeaways: The HOME Initiative in Austin is a testament to the city’s commitment to tackling housing affordability, providing potential opportunities for real estate professionals to engage with new infill housing projects and expand their client base.

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Bercy Chen Studio Collaborates on This Mexican Modernism Dream Home in South Austin


Source: Tribeza

Article Summary: This article details a unique residential project in South Austin, Texas led by a builder and interior designer couple in collaboration with Bercy Chen Studio. The home, inspired by Mexican modernism, is designed with a central patio and pool area, creating an intimate gathering place for the family. Incorporating a mix of materials, including concrete, wood, and a natural sealer, the home is not only aesthetically appealing but also designed to age gracefully. Despite challenges such as working around heritage trees and creating pour-in-place concrete forms, the project resulted in a beautiful, modern home that adds to the local architectural landscape.

Key Takeaways: The article is a prime example of how unique architectural design and close collaboration between homeowners and architects can result in homes that are both personalized and enhance the character of Austin’s neighborhoods, providing a potential selling point for real estate professionals catering to clients looking for unique, custom homes.

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Environmental and Regulatory Measures in Real Estate

Austin, Texas, mandates commercial composting for apartments


Source: Multifamily Dive

Article Summary: Austin, Texas, will require owners of residential properties with five or more units to provide commercial composting services to tenants and employees by October 2024. The composting service will be maintained by private collectors and not the city’s single-family composting program. Costs are estimated to range from 80 cents to $2.90 per unit per month. The city will also offer rebates up to $3,000 to early adopters. The new law aligns with similar mandates in California, Seattle, and Boulder, Colorado.

Key Takeaway: Understanding and adapting to this new regulation can help real estate professionals advise their clients on compliance, securing rebates, and fostering a greener image, which can be leveraged to attract eco-conscious tenants.

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JLL Expands Food & Beverage Team, Colliers Hires Multifamily Valuation Leader, Rockefeller Group Lures Hines Executive in Texas


Source: Central Texas Real Estate Times

Article Summary: The Central Texas real estate market is experiencing an unprecedented boom, driven by increasing population growth and work-from-home trends. The residential sector shows a notable demand surge, with median home prices soaring by 29.2% year-over-year. Commercial and industrial real estate are adapting to the new normal, with a shift in demand from traditional retail spaces to warehouses, logistics centers, and home offices. Meanwhile, the agricultural land market remains robust due to the expansion of local farming. Despite the soaring prices, real estate in Central Texas still offers good value compared to other populous states, attracting investors nationwide.

Key Takeaway: This article underscores the importance of understanding the current real estate trends in Central Texas. As a real estate professional, you can leverage this information to guide your clients towards lucrative investment opportunities, particularly in residential and industrial sectors, and prepare them for potential changes in the market landscape.

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Events, Stuff to do

Say Bye-Bye to Bites: How Austin Yards Are Winning the War on Mosquitoes

Discover the scientifically-backed BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap, a breakthrough in mosquito control technology that's transforming Austin yards into bite-free zones. This highly effective, environmentally friendly solution targets blood-feeding female mosquitoes with precision, significantly reducing mosquito populations and enhancing outdoor enjoyment. Dive into the article to explore how this innovative trap, endorsed by global health organizations, offers a long-term, maintenance-low approach to reclaiming your outdoor space from pesky intruders.

Prompt for DALL·E 3: "Create an engaging digital illustration for an article about the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap, a revolutionary mosquito control solution. The setting is a serene backyard in Austin, Texas, with a clear juxtaposition of before and after the use of the trap. On one side, illustrate a family enjoying a barbecue, visibly annoyed by a swarm of mosquitoes under a dim evening light. On the adjacent side, show the same family now peacefully enjoying their outdoor activities in a mosquito-free environment, thanks to the BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap prominently displayed and working in the background. The trap should be designed to look sleek and eco-friendly, blending harmoniously with the outdoor setting. Include subtle visual cues to Texas, such as a state flag or iconic bluebonnets, to localize the scene. The overall tone should convey relief, satisfaction, and a return to nature's harmony, emphasizing the trap's effectiveness and environmentally responsible design."
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The Heartbeat of Williamson County: Celebrating Dell Children’s Medical Center North

Discover the transformative impact of Dell Children's Medical Center North in Williamson County, a state-of-the-art facility providing critical pediatric care and specialized services right in the heart of north Austin. Celebrated for its community impact and innovative healthcare solutions, this hospital is a beacon of hope for families, ensuring essential medical care is never far from home. Dive into the full story to explore how this center is reshaping healthcare accessibility and what it means for the future of our community.

"Create an uplifting and vibrant image showcasing Dell Children's Medical Center North as a beacon of hope and healing in Williamson County. The scene should be set on a sunny day with the modern, welcoming facility prominently displayed. Surrounding the hospital, diverse families and children are arriving, some on foot, others in wheelchairs, all looking hopeful. In the foreground, a group of healthcare professionals, depicted as superheroes in scrubs, are greeting them with bright smiles and open arms. Above, a banner reads 'Celebrating 1 Year of Miracles.' The landscape includes the beautiful Avery Ranch area, and the parking lot shows signs for free parking, adding a touch of community friendliness. In the sky, a subtle, artistic rendition of a heart pulses with light, symbolizing the heart of Williamson County beating strong thanks to the care provided at Dell Children's Medical Center North."
Commercial, Construction, Real Estate & Construction, Residential

“Trailblazing the Future: Unveiling the Gilleland Creek Greenway Project in Manor”

Discover the transformative Gilleland Creek Greenway Project in Manor, a $30 million endeavor poised to connect NE Metro Park to Ben E. Fisher Park through a 6-mile, lush green trail. Slated for completion between July 2025 and January 2027, this project promises enhanced outdoor enjoyment, community connectivity, and a significant boost in environmental health. Dive deeper into the project's details, its impact on local wildlife, and innovative solutions for a mosquito-free experience—click through for the full scoop on how Manor's landscape is about to change for the better.

For the hero image of this article, imagine a vibrant and inviting scene that encapsulates the essence of the Gilleland Creek Greenway project and the outdoor lifestyle in Austin. The image features a wide, paved trail meandering through lush greenery, with native plants and trees lining the path. The trail is bustling with life—families, cyclists, and joggers enjoy the beautiful day outdoors. In the background, the skyline of Manor is visible, subtly highlighting the connection between urban living and nature. To the side of the trail, an informative sign stands, showcasing the map of the Greenway and highlighting its key features, including the stretch from NE Metro Park to Ben E. Fisher Park. Near the sign, a couple of hikers are examining the map, planning their route. In the foreground, a group of friends is taking a break, lounging on the grassy verge, laughing and chatting, with bicycles lying beside them. One of them is holding a brochure about the Gilleland Creek Pool Project, pointing to it excitedly, suggesting it as their next stop. To subtly address the mosquito control aspect, a discreet BG-Mosquitaire CO2 trap is positioned near the trail, blending harmoniously into the environment. A small plaque next to it explains its purpose, ensuring a bite-free experience for everyone. The lighting is warm, capturing the golden hour, which adds a magical touch to the scene and invites the viewer to imagine themselves enjoying a peaceful and joyful moment on the new Greenway. The sky is clear blue, dotted with a few fluffy clouds, reflecting an ideal day for outdoor activities in Austin. This hero image tells a story of community, connectivity, and the harmonious blend of urban development with natural preservation, encouraging Austinites to explore, engage, and embrace the outdoors, all while staying informed about the exciting developments in their city.
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