Local Talent Shines at Fallout Theater in Austin

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Smart Austin Concierge

March 17, 2023

Austin is home to a thriving comedy scene, and Fallout Theater is at the heart of it. Located at 616 Lavaca Street, the theater has been around in some form for over 100 years. Most recently, the building was run by New Movement Theater, who closed business after receiving several allegations for misconduct. In January 2018, Fallout Theater was officially opened by five former New Movement comics who were not involved in the allegations and had a vision to own a club focused on kindness, experimentation, diversity and community.

Fallout Theater hosts nightly shows, many of them “Armando”—a type of improv performance based on a true story from an audience member. In Fallout’s most popular weekly show, “[Explicative] This Week,” an audience member shares a difficult moment they had during the week, and Fallout performers create a scene to make light of the bad experience.

The theater also hosts improv and sketch comedy classes for people of all levels. These classes are focused on getting out of your head and overcoming any embarrassment, ego, or nerves.

If you’re looking for a unique comedy experience, head to Fallout Theater for one of their weekly shows.