Discover Moon Music: The Ultimate Destination for Austin Musicians!

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Smart Austin Concierge

May 26, 2023

Longtime Austin musicians Julio Figueroa and Matt Mouton have combined their passion for music and extensive knowledge to create Moon Music, the ultimate destination for music enthusiasts in the heart of Austin, Texas. Originally launched as an online store in November 2019, Moon Music opened its brick-and-mortar location on Anderson Lane in Austin in May 2022.

With decades of experience in the vibrant Austin music scene, Figueroa and Mouton offer an extensive range of new and used guitars, ukuleles, pedals, and other accessories for beginners and professionals alike. They take pride in helping customers find the perfect instrument by understanding their playing style and intended use.

As a skilled guitar repairman, Figueroa provides top-notch tuning and repair services that have earned Moon Music a reputation for quality work in the Central Texas region. He recommends guitars be serviced at least once a year to address wear and potential issues caused by changes in weather conditions.

Moon Music has quickly become a popular destination for musicians from nearby neighborhoods and neighboring cities thanks to its specialized and friendly approach to musical instruments and repairs. Figueroa and Mouton believe that despite the rapid growth and changes in Austin over the years, the city remains a thriving hub for musicians and vibrant live music. As Figueroa puts it, “There’s just as much of a music scene here; you just have to look for it.”

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