Discover Holistic Healing: Mantra Wellness Expands Services in Northwest Austin

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Smart Austin Concierge

June 7, 2023

Northwest Austin is becoming a hub for holistic wellness, thanks to the expansion of services at the highly-rated Mantra Wellness, formerly known as Mantra Massage. The popular Austin massage center is now offering Ayurvedic consultations, Reiki energy work, and LED light therapy, in addition to their renowned massage treatments. Located in the heart of Northwest Austin, Mantra Wellness caters to local residents and visitors seeking to improve their well-being and quality of life.

Mantra Wellness is dedicated to providing a comprehensive approach to health and well-being for clients. Their team of expert massage therapists, led by Ashley Martin, works closely with each individual to create customized treatments tailored to their unique needs and lifestyle. The newly added Ayurvedic consultations provide valuable insights into clients’ health, guiding them towards personalized diet, lifestyle, and self-care practices that align with their constitution and Austin’s vibrant way of life.

Among the new services offered by Mantra Wellness, Reiki energy work stands out as a powerful way to balance energy, promote relaxation, reduce stress, and facilitate healing, making it an excellent addition to the center’s repertoire. Another cutting-edge treatment available is LED light therapy, a non-invasive approach to support skin health and rejuvenation. Mantra Wellness’s expanded offerings make it the ideal destination for those seeking to cultivate healing and transformation in Austin.

For more information about Mantra Wellness’s services or to book an appointment, visit their website at www.mantrawellnessatx.com. If you are considering a move to the area and looking for expert guidance on the vibrant Austin housing market, reach out to the trusted team at Smart Austin Realty by calling 512-710-0337, emailing concierge@smartaustinrealty.com, or chat with our AI-powered Smart Austin Concierge for personalized assistance and market insights.