🀝 Alberta Phillips Speaks Out & Marriott’s Big Move in Texas! πŸŒ†

Austin Archuleta


December 8, 2023


Here’s what you need to know about Austin Real Estate today:

    • Austin’s HOME initiative passes, reshaping housing code for diverse options 🏘️
    • Alberta Phillips critiques HOME, highlights racial wealth gap concerns πŸ“
    • Austin’s historic Folk Victorian home gains landmark status, preserving history 🏠
    • Satya and Marriott to debut luxe St. Regis Residences in Texas πŸ’Ό

Austin’s Housing and Development Policies

Austin City Council approves HOME initiative after full day of public comment

Source: KXAN News

Summary: The Austin City Council has passed the HOME initiative, aimed at creating more housing options by altering Austin’s land development code and encouraging the preservation of existing homes. Despite facing opposition from Austinites concerned about the potential demolition of single-family homes, the initiative was approved after extensive public comment, with measures such as increasing the number of units allowed on a single-family lot and facilitating the integration of tiny homes. Further phases of the initiative are expected, potentially addressing lot size.

Why this matters: The HOME initiative’s proposed changes to Austin’s land development code will directly impact real estate professionals in the area, with potential opportunities arising from the allowance of more units on single-family lots, the preservation program, and the integration of tiny homes. A deep understanding of these changes can help real estate professionals identify new investment opportunities, advise their clients effectively, and navigate the evolving landscape of Austin real estate market.

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Opinion: No Home Sweet HOME for Austin’s Black and Latino Communities

Source: Austin Chronicle

Summary: Opinion piece by Austin Planning Commission member Alberta Phillips criticizes the HOME initiative, a plan that seeks to address the housing crisis in Austin by allowing up to three housing units on single-family lots. Phillips argues that the initiative, in its current form, fails to consider the racial wealth gap and could lead to further displacement of Black and Brown communities. She suggests amendments to the plan, including the provision of incentives and low-interest loans for developers building affordable units and the implementation of anti-displacement measures.

Why this matters: Understanding the potential implications and controversies surrounding the HOME initiative can help real estate professionals to give informed advice to their clients and make strategic decisions in their investments, particularly in Austin’s minority communities.

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Austin helped buy cheap apartments with the intent of keeping prices low. Instead, rents went up.

Source: KUT News Austin

Summary: The article unveils Austin’s initiative to buy cheap apartments with an intention to keep rents low. However, the plan backfired as rents shot up by as much as 25%. The hike, which was implemented by the previous owner, occurred just weeks before the city and its partner finalized the purchase of these apartment buildings, suggesting that the increase was a stipulation of the sale.

Why this matters: For our readers, this article emphasizes the unpredictability of the real estate market and the need for informed, strategic decision-making. Professionals can utilize this information to counsel clients about potential risks and market shifts, ultimately enhancing their reputation as knowledgeable advisors.

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Real Estate and Construction Projects

Preservation of East Austin Folk Victorian home advances to City Council

Source: Austin Monitor


Summary: The Planning Commission has secured a victory for historic preservation in East Austin by endorsing a Historic Landmark Commission bid to zone a Folk Victorian home dating from 1888. The decision, made despite the owner’s resistance, was based on the architectural value of the home and its association with Charles S. Sinnigson, a notable local carpenter and builder. The proposal now moves to the City Council, where it will need a supermajority vote to pass.

Why this matters: As preservation efforts in East Austin intensify, real estate professionals should highlight the potential historic value of properties in this area to prospective buyers and investors, while also navigating the complexities of development restrictions.

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Rezoning could mean mixed-use for Austin industrial area

Source: The Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University

Summary: Austin’s St. Elmo neighborhood is set for transformation, with Leifer Properties securing recommendations to rezone multiple industrial sites to mixed use. The Austin Planning Commission supports an amendment for additional zoning conditions at specific locations, paving the way for approximately 700 multi-family units, about 13,000 sq. ft. of ground-floor retail, and a brewery. A revision aims to increase the building’s maximum height by 125 feet and boost the number of on-site units to 600. Of the total units, 68 are earmarked for affordable housing for earners between 50% and 80% of the region’s MFI.

Why this matters: This rezoning and redevelopment in the St. Elmo neighborhood represents a significant opportunity for real estate professionals in Austin to expand their portfolios into the mixed-use and affordable housing sectors, driving growth in their careers.

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Marriott, Satya plan first St. Regis Residences in Texas

Source: The Real Deal

Summary: Satya, a real estate consulting firm, is partnering with Marriott International to bring the first St. Regis Residences to Texas. Set to be located in the heart of River Oaks on Asbury Place, the luxury condominium development is scheduled to begin construction in 2025. The 35-story tower will provide various high-end amenities, including butler services and a golf simulator. Notably, while the general condominium market in the Bayou City has been sluggish, with a 16% volume decline year-over-year, the luxury home sector has seen a 21% increase in sales. This development signifies an increasing trend of hospitality-branded luxury condos in Texas, with other brands like the Ritz-Carlton and Four Seasons also announcing projects.

Why this matters: The emerging trend of hospitality-branded luxury condos in Texas, as demonstrated by the planned St. Regis Residences, highlights a growing luxury real estate market that realtors can leverage to deliver unique, high-value options to their clients while also expanding their own market knowledge and portfolio.

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General Real Estate Trends and Ideas in Texas

Housing Affordability Crisis Grips Nation, But Austin Bucks the Trend, Says Redfin Report

Source: Redfin News


Summary: The Redfin report indicates a nationwide housing affordability crisis; however, Austin, in Central Texas, is resisting the trend. Despite the escalating costs in many parts of the country, the report reveals that home prices in Austin have remained relatively reasonable, offering a silver lining for homebuyers in the area. This is an essential development considering the current state of the national real estate market, marked by soaring prices and limited inventory.

Why this matters: Despite the nationwide real estate turbulence, Austin’s relative affordability presents a unique opportunity for real estate professionals to cater to homebuyers looking for reasonably priced homes, further fueling their career growth in the industry.

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My loss is your gain – validated idea for this if you living in Texas

Source: The Texas Real Estate Update


Summary: The article discusses recent property tax reforms in Texas, focusing on the expanded homestead exemption that allows homeowners to apply for tax reductions from up to three years ago. The increased homestead exemption and other bills have been passed to lower property taxes for homeowners. These changes potentially save homeowners thousands of dollars. The writer suggests a business idea to help property owners apply for the homestead exemption by identifying eligible properties and determining potential savings.

Why this matters: Understanding these tax reforms and utilizing services that help homeowners apply for the homestead exemption can provide substantial value to real estate professionals in Texas. By offering this information to clients, realtors can add value and potentially save their clients significant money.

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