πŸ“‰ Home Prices Tumble in 2024 & Austin’s Big Plan for Change 🚧

Austin Archuleta


December 7, 2023


Here’s what you need to know about Austin Real Estate today:

    • Austin home prices predicted to drop 12.2% in 2024, defying trends. 🏠
    • Austin Chamber CEO demands major revamp of city’s land code, transport. 🚧
    • October 2023: Austin’s economy sees job growth, housing permits up, prices dip. πŸ’Ό
    • Offices to apartments: Texas developers adapt to soaring housing demands. 🏒

Real Estate Market Trends and Predictions

As offices sit empty and housing costs soar, some Texas developers are converting workspaces into apartments

Source: Real Estate Central Texas News

Summary: The Central Texas real estate market continues its robust trend with residential, commercial, and industrial markets experiencing significant growth. This acceleration is largely driven by high demand and low inventory, with the suburban areas witnessing a surge in development. The farm and land real estate sector is also seeing increased interest due to the shift towards sustainable and local farming practices. However, it’s crucial to navigate these trends carefully, understanding the potential risks, such as overvaluation and sustainability concerns.

Why this matters: With unprecedented growth in Central Texas’s real estate market, professionals can leverage this opportunity to advise clients on optimal investments and development strategies across residential, commercial, and industrial sectors, as well as provide insights into sustainable farming practices in land and farm real estate.

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Report forecasts significant drop in Austin home prices in 2024

Source: KVUE.com

Summary: A new report from Realtor.com suggests a 12.2% decrease in home prices in Austin area in 2024, a prediction that contrasts with the current median home price of $435,000. Local realtor, Ian Grossman, challenges this prediction, opining that this number is unrealistic and that he expects home prices to increase marginally next year. Despite higher interest rates, real estate activity remains consistent, albeit not as high as when rates were lower.

Why this matters: While the prediction of a significant price drop could change investment strategies, local expertise provides contrasting views, emphasizing the importance of nuanced understanding and local market knowledge in real estate planning and investment.

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Austin could let people build more homes on one plot of land. Here’s what you need to know.

Source: Central Texas Real Estate News

Summary: Emerging trends in Central Texas’s dynamic real estate market continue to shape the industry as we progress into 2022. Factors such as shifting demographics, evolving infrastructure, and the booming tech industry are influencing both residential and commercial real estate. Central Texas is experiencing a surge in demand for residential properties as remote work policies encourage out-of-state workers to relocate. Additionally, the burgeoning tech industry is stimulating demand for office spaces. Meanwhile, the industrial sector rides on the wave of e-commerce growth, necessitating more warehouse and distribution centers. Lastly, land & farm real estate remains stable, with increased interest in sustainable farming and local food production.

Why this matters: Understanding the unique factors driving real estate demand in Central Texas not only equips professionals in delivering exceptional value to their clients but also provides opportunities for career growth in this ever-evolving industry.

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Austin Economic Indicators

Source: Dallas Federal Reserve

Summary: Austin’s economic landscape in October 2023 showcased marginal growth in job sector and wages, stable unemployment rate, and an increase in housing permits, while home prices declined. The Austin Business-Cycle Index grew by 6.6%, albeit slower compared to the previous month, and the sectors of construction, mining, health, education, and professional and business services marked notable growth.

Why this matters: The article’s data shows Austin’s resilient economy and a growing construction sector which implies a favorable environment for residential and commercial real estate activities, providing valuable opportunity for real estate professionals to expand their portfolio and enhance their career prospects.

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Real Estate Development and Land Use Policies

Austin Chamber CEO calls for revamp to land development code, city’s transportation system

Source: The Austin Business Journal


Summary: Jeremy Martin, CEO of the Austin Chamber of Commerce, in a recent Texas Business Minds podcast, has voiced the need for a significant overhaul of Austin’s land development code and transportation system. As Austin has become the 10th largest city in the U.S., the issues of workforce shortages, affordability, and transportation improvements have become pressing concerns for local businesses. The Austin Chamber of Commerce is actively taking steps to address these issues and propel the region’s economy forward.

Why this matters: Gaining insights into the ongoing efforts to revamp Austin’s land development and transportation system allows real estate professionals to better anticipate future trends, strategically plan their investments and provide well-informed advice to their clients.

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Real Estate Services and Business Expansion

Murphy Home Buyers Expands Quick Cash Home Buying Services in Texas

Source: Newsfile Corp


Summary: Murphy Home Buyers, a reputable cash home buyer located in San Antonio, has announced an expansion of their services across Texas, including cities like Austin. This growth is designed to offer homeowners, particularly those in challenging circumstances such as foreclosure or urgent relocation, a quick and hassle-free way to sell their properties regardless of their condition. Their unique service eliminates the need for realtors and traditional selling hassles, thereby offering an alternative for homeowners seeking to sell their properties rapidly.

Why this matters: The expansion of Murphy Home Buyers’ services across Texas provides a timely solution for realtors and homeowners alike who might be struggling with hard-to-sell properties or looking for faster real estate transactions.

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