🚧 Sixth Street’s Glow-Up & Housing Revolution in Austin! 🏡

Austin Archuleta

December 6, 2023

Here’s what you need to know about Austin Real Estate today:

    • Austin’s HOME initiative revamps housing codes for diverse living spaces. 🏡
    • Sixth Street in Austin set for a transformative 2024 facelift. 🚧
    • St. John site in Austin: 526-unit mixed-use community underway. 🌆
    • Texas real estate cools down, challenging the pandemic boom trend. 💸

Real Estate Development and Construction Projects

Austin leaders to talk about the HOME initiative Tuesday

Source: KXAN News

Summary: City of Austin leaders are preparing to discuss the HOME initiative, a series of proposed changes to the city’s land development code aimed at creating and preserving housing options. The first phase includes increasing the number of units allowed on single-family lots, allowing for tiny homes on single-family zoned lots, incentivizing the preservation of existing houses, and imposing size constraints to encourage smaller units.

Why this matters: The HOME initiative, if enacted, could significantly impact the residential real estate market in Austin, providing potential opportunities for realtors to diversify their portfolios with different housing options – from tiny homes to triplexes.

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Austin’s Sixth Street gets a new look with construction starting in early 2024

Source: Austin Business Journal

Summary: Austin’s iconic Sixth Street is set for a major facelift by Stream Realty Partners and architecture firm Clayton Korte. The project, which will commence in early 2024, aims to redefine the middle section of the street, commonly referred to as ‘Dirty Sixth,’ by introducing a host of features to attract daytime visitors. This renovation will affect more than 30 unique parcels, which will later be available for lease. In addition, an ordinance enacted in the summer of 2023 now permits new construction up to 140 feet high, up from the previously allowed 45.

Why this matters: The revitalization of Austin’s Sixth Street presents a new wave of leasing opportunities for real estate professionals, and the ability to offer clients a variety of spaces in a soon-to-be bustling neighborhood – an insightful way to grow their portfolios and careers.

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‘Vibrant mixed-use, mixed-income community’ planned for Austin’s St. John site

Source: Real Estate Center at Texas A&M University

Summary: Austin’s St. John site, located off I-35, is set for a major overhaul. The city has entered a master development agreement with Greystar Development Central LLC to transform the 19-acre site into a vibrant mixed-use, mixed-income community. The development will offer 526 units, half of which will be income-restricted affordable housing. The St. John Pocket Park will also be expanded, offering walking trails and a splash pad.

Why this matters: The significant transformation of the St. John site into a mixed-use, mixed-income community will not only offer affordable housing options but also open up potential investment opportunities, contributing to the robust growth of the Austin real estate market.

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Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden signs lease in S. Austin next to future entertainment district – Austin Business Journal

Source: Austin Business Journal

Summary: Cosmic Coffee & Beer Garden, a popular local hangout spot, has signed a lease in South Austin, adjacent to a planned entertainment district. The development of this new entertainment district, combined with Cosmic’s arrival, indicates a rise in the area’s commercial potential and is expected to increase foot traffic, which could potentially boost the value of nearby residential and commercial properties.

Why this matters: The anticipated increase in commercial activity and property values in South Austin as a result of new business and entertainment development could be an opportunity for realtors to advise clients on potential investment options in the area.

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Real Estate Market Trends and Analysis

Texas and California traded nearly 150,000 residents last year, Census report says

Source:     The Central Texas Real Estate Gazette


Summary: The U.S. Census report for 2022 reveals a significant population shift between Texas and California. Texas welcomes over 668,000 new residents, with the majority coming from California. However, Texas also lost 494,077 residents, with the highest numbers relocating to California and Florida. This migration is partly due to the lower cost of living and the absence of income tax in Texas. Texas is also an attractive location for international homebuyers, holding its position as the third hottest U.S. housing market.


Why this matters: Understanding these migration trends can provide insight for real estate professionals in Central Texas, allowing them to better predict market trends, adjust their strategies, and serve their clients efficiently.


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As multifamily distress looms, Texas buyers still on the prowl


Source:      Central Texas Real Estate Observer


Summary: As the Central Texas real estate market continues its rapid growth, new trends are emerging that industry professionals need to be aware of. Residential demand, fueled by an influx of remote workers, has skyrocketed, leading to a surge in home prices. However, this has also resulted in a severe shortage of affordable housing, a challenge that local governments and developers are looking to address. In the commercial sector, the demand for office space has declined due to the pandemic, but there’s been a boom in the industrial real estate, driven by the need for warehouses and distribution centers related to e-commerce. Meanwhile, the need for land and farm properties is also growing, as more people are interested in farming and sustainable living. 


Why this matters: By understanding these trends, real estate professionals in Central Texas can better advise their clients, whether they’re looking to buy a house, invest in commercial properties, or explore opportunities in land and farming. They can also use this information to adapt to the changing market conditions and carve a successful career in this dynamic industry. 


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The Essential Guide to Dealing with a Burst Pipe in Austin


Source:       Central Texas Realty Review


Summary: Recent trends in the Central Texas real estate market indicate a competitive environment fueled by low inventory and high demand. Industry experts predict that this situation may continue well into 2022 as Austin’s tech industry continues to boom, attracting more people to the area. The market has seen both residential and commercial real estate prices soaring, with the median home price reaching a record high. Despite the increase in prices, properties are selling at a rapid pace, indicating an unmet demand. Land and farm real estate are also experiencing an upticking as developers seek more space to accommodate the growing population.


Why this matters: With Central Texas’ real estate market thriving in both residential and commercial sectors, it’s critical for industry professionals to keep their finger on the pulse, optimizing their strategies to meet elevated demand, leverage rising prices, and navigate dwindling inventory. This dynamic market presents opportunities for career growth and delivering exceptional value to clients. 


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Austin’s Cultural and Economic Growth

AMD extends lease in Austin, describes city as “vital hub” for the company

Source:      Austin American-Statesman


Summary: AMD, a key player in Austin’s semiconductor industry, has reaffirmed its commitment to the city’s business and innovation landscape by extending its lease at The Summit at Lantana on Southwest Parkway. The campus, which houses AMD’s R&D, engineering, sales, and corporate functions, is also home to more than 3,500 AMD employees. This move not only strengthens Austin’s position as a vital hub for AMD but also has implications for the broader real estate and tech sectors in the city. The lease was managed by Austin-based HPI Real Estate Services & Investments, highlighting the involvement of local businesses in supporting the city’s tech sector.


Why this matters: AMD’s commitment to extend its lease and maintain a significant employee presence in Austin, signals the city’s continued growth as a tech hub and can be leveraged by real estate agents to attract tech-professionals seeking residential and commercial opportunities in a thriving and innovative city.


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Austin ranked in the top 10 for the most fun cites in America

Source:       Reddit


Summary: Austin, a bustling city in Central Texas, has been recognized as one of the top 10 most fun cities in America. This ranking is based on factors such as nightlife, entertainment, and recreational options, which contribute to the city’s appeal for both residents and visitors. The vibrant city offers a wide array of activities, from outdoor adventures to arts and culture, providing a high quality of life that is attractive to many.


Why this matters: The article reaffirms Austin’s appeal, highlighting the city’s vibrant lifestyle which can be leveraged by real estate professionals to attract potential buyers or renters seeking a lively and dynamic living environment.


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Join the Tribeza Interiors Tour: Austin’s Premiere Showcase of Interior Design

Source:        Tribeza


Summary: The 9th Annual Tribeza Interiors Tour, a renowned event that showcases Austin’s most stunning residential interior designs, is set to take place on the 20th and 21st of January 2024. The tour features accomplished design teams and offers an opportunity for attendees to gain inspiration for their own home designs. This year, limited VIP tickets offer access to a two-day tour, an exclusive luncheon, and a panel discussion with designers at a renowned West Austin estate. General admission tickets also provide access to wine and refreshments at West Chelsea Contemporary. A portion of ticket sales will be donated to the charity, Mobile Loaves and Fishes. 


Why this matters: Understanding the latest interior design trends and the works of local design teams can empower real estate professionals to provide more comprehensive advice to their clients, aiding in decision making and enhancing the overall customer service experience. 


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