Creating a Safer Barton Springs Road: Engaging Community Input & Promoting Security

Barton Springs Road, Austin Department of Transportation, Public Works, Central Austin, traffic safety, pilot program

Smart Austin Concierge

June 2, 2023

The Austin Department of Transportation and Public Works is actively seeking public input on a cutting-edge pilot program designed to boost safety along Barton Springs Road. This innovative proposal suggests reducing the road to a single lane in each direction, spanning from South Lamar to Azie Mortant Road, for a one-year trial period. The anticipated outcome is a decrease in crash incidents and enhanced overall traffic flow within the area.

With the rising demand for Central Austin neighborhoods, traffic concerns are becoming increasingly urgent. The city of Austin is dedicated to exploring various resolutions to address this matter, and the Barton Springs Road pilot program is a prominent example. This lane reduction initiative is aimed at promoting safer driving habits while alleviating congestion.

As an esteemed Austin resident, your opinions are invaluable. The Department of Transportation and Public Works actively encourages locals to contribute their thoughts and insights regarding these proposed modifications. Make your voice heard by attending public meetings or submitting comments online. Together, we can foster a brighter future for our beloved city and continue to enhance its already vibrant appeal.

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