Capital Metro Enhances Train Service Between Lakeline and Leander

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Smart Austin Concierge

March 20, 2023

Capital Metro has made a major improvement to its train service between Lakeline and Leander Stations. The addition of a second track now allows trains to pass one another, alleviating delays and improving service for commuters.

The new track is located in Cedar Park and is part of a larger effort to improve the rail system in the Austin area. The project was funded by the Texas Department of Transportation and the Texas Real Estate Research Center. The new track is expected to significantly reduce wait times and improve overall service for commuters.

In addition to the new track, Capital Metro is also making improvements to its stations. The Lakeline and Leander stations have been upgraded with new amenities, including improved lighting and seating, as well as additional bike racks. The upgrades are part of an effort to make the stations more comfortable and inviting for commuters.

Capital Metro is also working to make its rail system more accessible. The agency has launched a new mobile app that allows riders to purchase tickets and view schedules. The app also includes real-time updates on train arrivals and departures.

The addition of the second track and the improvements to the stations and the mobile app are all part of Capital Metro’s effort to make its rail system more efficient and reliable. The improvements are expected to benefit commuters throughout the Austin area.