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Written by Austin Archuleta

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February 21, 2020


Texas ranks #13 in America for savings from installing solar panels on your home and 85% of roofs in Austin and the surrounding areas could accommodate solar panels.

Enter your address below to get a custom solar estimate for your home, including monthly savings and payback time. We’ll calculate what system size you needs, and how quickly it will pay for itself after rebates.


We will evaluate your roof using online tools to evaluate its solar potential and request your electricity usage history to determine the optimal residential solar panel system size.

At Your Appointment

We will share the solar panel cost for your recommended system design, walk you through the rebates and incentives that are available to lower the cost of your residential solar panels, show you how much of your monthly energy bill will be offset by your system, and explain the available financing options and programs.

When you are ready to go solar

The next steps are to apply for approval, going solar is a simple easy processes. We will secure the necessary permits and approvals, schedule and install your system, and coordinate inspections. It typically takes about thirty to forty five days to complete the installation and connect your solar power system to the grid.

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