3 Tips When Relocating to Austin – Moving to Austin

Austin Archuleta

October 7, 2019

This video includes 3 quick tips to keep in mind when moving to Austin, Texas. In this video, we touch on preparing to move, strategies on viewing and choosing properties, and the importance of boots on the ground support with moving to Austin.

We understand that when relocating, timing is important and deadlines are often strict. Our local relocation specialists are skilled negotiators who will protect your interests and get you the best possible terms even when working on a tight schedule.

For more information on moving to Austin check out our Austin Relocation Guide: Moving to Austin Texas: The Ultimate Relocation Guide.



Howdy Austin Texas Things, this is Tyler Shelton with Smart Austin Realty Group and I’m here with a quick video for relocation buyers and folks moving to Austin. This is for anyone who is out of state or out of town looking to buy property here in the Austin area. We have three tips for you if you find yourself in this situation.


The first tip is when you’re viewing property it’s always a good idea to have one or two back up properties in mind, you might be on a more restricted timeline and you might only have a weekend or two weekends to look at property so it’s always a good idea to have two or three back up properties with offers ready to go in case your first choice falls through. It could fall through because the sellers don’t want to work with a contingent offer or the sellers timeline doesn’t sync up with your timeline, also make sure that your realtor is conveying all the details of your timeline or your deadline that you have to be in your new home to the listing agent and pressing the listing agent for a fast response when you do submit an offer. Make sure that there is a deadline in countering, accepting, or rejecting the offer so you’re not wasting time if you were in a position where your time is limited to view property and get something under contract.


Tip 2 has to do with making sure that if you have to sell your home to buy your home that you have your home priced aggressively and that you’ve taken care of the big-ticket items of your home foundation, the roof, HVAC things like that, things that could halt the transaction if they revealed an inspection, because if you are in a contingent offer situation you your financing hinges on the sale of your home so you don’t want anything to jam up that financing once you are under contract. 


Tip 3 has to do with making sure that your realtor has a network of a professional inspectors that will take the time to convey all the necessary details of the inspection to you and it has something to do with the fact that you come into town and look at the property, you might not be able to come back into town to do a walk-through with the inspector, so it’s very important that your realtor puts you in touch with inspectors in contractors who will take the time to relay all of the material facts and the deficiencies of the home you’re going to be buying, and you have a clear understanding of everything about the home whether that’s via phone call or FaceTime. Then of course we take these details and you work with your realtor to make sure that you have a strategy for making sure these items are addressed.


So these are the three simple easy tips to keep in mind when you are considering buying property out of state or in a remote situation or even a sight unseen situation we hope people in this position all the time we would love to help you if you are thinking about relocating to Central Texas area so please contact us if you need some more help or you’d like to discuss a little bit more I hope you’re having a fantastic and lovely day, peace and love to you.

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